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February 2, 2021

Kaiser Permanente Commits $500,000 for Racial Equity in Colorado

Kaiser Permanente, the state’s largest integrated, nonprofit health system, has awarded $500,000 to support 5 nonprofit and community-based organizations in Colorado whose programs address systemic racism and its accompanying trauma on individuals and communities of color.

Family At Church

January 7, 2021

Some of our thoughts about yesterday...

Here we are, watching on high definition tv the images that demonstrate what we have been saying for centuries. White supremacy is a tenant of this country: you might call what took place yesterday an attempted coup. The main problem with this language is that the “coup” yesterday was sanctioned by police officers on-site, was sanctioned and encouraged by some politicians in power, and was fueled by the sitting President of the country.


October 2, 2020

We are not okay

We are not okay. We, the collective. We, the Black, Brown, Indigenous bodies. We, the ones on the frontlines, in grassroots organizations, in non-profits. We, the ones that participate in small and big ways as sentinels to justice and humanity. We are not okay. We are in the midst of feeling the weight of it all.

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August 25, 2020

Black Lives Matter

The most recent atrocities that have brought anguish to our communities are this weekend's murder of our Black brother, Trayford Pellerin, by police in Louisiana and the attempted murder of our Black brother, Jacob Blake, by officers in Wisconsin. This killing and far too many others happened before any jury made up their minds.

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July 24, 2020


Every time we are faced with an event where police brutality is wielded against black and brown bodies, we find ourselves pondering questions that for us, BIPOC, have been our constant companion since we were very young. It is not the "why" that occupied us and fuels our rage.

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June 25, 2020

Open letter to young community leaders regarding SRO’s at PSD

Dear Young Community Leaders, This letter is in the aftermath of an expected and yet disappointing conclusion of the process related to School Resources Officers (SRO) in Poudre School District. The response from the Board is not surprising. 

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