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Día de Muertos is a Mexican tradition celebrated across Central and South America that honors the dead with festivals, altars, and family celebrations.


Día de Muertos is a beautiful time when those that we lost come to visit us, and we receive them with their favorite foods, candy, and drinks. It's a moment to share with family and friends fond memories of your loved ones and to rejoice in the beautiful memories they left in our hearts. This is a celebration of life and a reminder of our impermanence.

In 2021 we celebrated Día de Muertos at Old Town Square with an Altar and a Procession. We also had live mariachis, music, dancers, hot drinks, and a traditional indigenous ceremony to open our beloved celebration. In our Día de Muertos Community Celebration we were more than 500 hundred people gathered at Old Town Square.

Thank you to all the providers, volunteers, collaborators, and community who helped in some way or another.

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