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2022 Ballot Talk

The BIPOC Alliance hosted a community conversation around the State of Colorado and Larimer County ballot measures. We forgot to record the conversation for folks to hear varying community perspectives, however, we are sharing the gathered information to help inform and empower equitable voting. Email us if you'd like to chat!! 

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Sheriff Accountability in Larimer County

This workshop was made possible through a collaboration with Fort Collins Community Action Network (FCCAN), Communities for Sheriff Accountability, and Faith in Action.

Attendees learned:

  • the general history of Sheriffs

  • A Sheriff's role in communities

  • how you can organize locally & hold Sheriffs accountable

The session included a case study, information on how to take local action, and insight into additional training available. Larimer County elected a new sheriff for 2023.

August 2022

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Fort Collins City Budget Analysis

This workshop, in collaboration with FCCAN, provided a brief overview of the Fort Collins city budget process and priority areas determined by the city.

Small group, facilitated conversations enabled attendees explore & dissect the priority areas and determine alignment with true community needs as seen by service providers.

This opportunity resulted in thorough feedback to the city of Fort Collins' budgeting process.

This workshop:

  • informed and educated attendees about the Fort Collins city budget process

  • provided a direct opportunity to provide feedback to city officials

  • empowered individuals to be more civically engaged

August 2022

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Confronting Colorism & Anti-Blackness

a virtual series for Black and Latinx community members, facilitated by Assétou Xango and Celesté Martinez. This monthly series ran August - October.

Each session included a political education and racial equity training followed by racial caucuses. 

The topics included:

  • What is colorism

  • Where does colorism come from

  • How does colorism influence our cultures

August - October 2022


The Black History of Yoga: Kemetic Yoga Class

"The practice of yoga was created by brown and Black people as a tool for spiritual growth, as a way to integrate the spiritual element with physical experience. Over time the practice has evolved into many different forms—some more accessible than others. Today, many people have a distinct expectation of what yoga should “look like”—an expectation that often has little to no connection to yoga’s roots." - Yoga International

Kemetic Yoga is a practice that encourages us to appreciate the precious gift of living in the human body. It is a practice of alchemical immensity capable of transforming our subconscious. It is a practice of self-mastery and discovery. Learn more about Kemetic Yoga at

June 2022

Go Vote Flyers

Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) Training

RCV is an election reform that shifts towards more equitable elections. It has been shown to lead to more candidates on the ballot, improved representation for People of Color, and more victories for candidates of color.

Right now, most elections (including the City of Fort Collins) use a plurality voting system. This means that the winner of an election is the candidate who received the highest number of votes—the candidate does not need an outright majority to be elected. Plurality voting, or the “winner-takes-all” approach, elevates district lines over voters.

RCV is considered for elections in the City of Fort Collins. While this is not a perfect solution, we believe it is a step in the right direction for conducting more fair and equitable elections that result in candidates that are more representative of their constituency.

May 2022

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Together we explored sexism and fatphobia through the lens of the body, oppression, and radical self-love.  A viewing of a pre-recorded talk by Sonya Renee Taylor, an activist, transformational leader, and author of The Body Is Not An Apology: The Power of Radical Self Love, set the stage for the conversation to unfold.

January 2022



Asian America: History, Representations, and Community

2019 sparkdahlen-headshot.jpeg


Professor Park Dahlen will share the history of Asians in the United States, some significant milestones and challenges, and issues of representation and equity in Asian American children's literature.


Sarah Park Dahlen is an associate professor in the Master of Library and Information Science Program at St. Catherine University. She holds a BA and MA in Asian American Studies from UCLA and an MS and PhD in Library and Information Science from the University of Illinois. Her research addresses diversity in youth literature and transracial Asian adoption.


30 participants, BIPOC and non-BIPOC audience.

Colorism Series


BIPOC Alliance in Fort Collins presents a virtual training series for Latinx community on Colorism facilitated by Celesté Martinez. This series will include: what is colorism, where does it come from and how does it influence our cultures.

Hosted by

Celesté Martinez is the founder and owner of Celestial Alegria, LLC. Through Celestial Alegria, Celesté is committed to igniting joy through transformation through her array of services which include: life coaching, facilitation and racial equity consulting. Celesté’s focuses on creating conditions and strengthening skills for her clients to foster racial equity through personal and collective development. As someone who is committed to being anti-racist, Celesté is best to partner with when clients are seeking to take their DEI work to the next level by implementing structural changes and practices that truly further racial equity.


50 participants, Latinx audiences. 

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Without Intersectionality, It’s NOT Equity (and Still, None of Us Are Free)



Many people are confused about what intersectionality means in practice (often without realizing it). Deeper than a buzzword and beyond identities, the long history of Black women’s organising that led to current notions of intersectionality underscores its necessity for advancing equity and liberation for all.


Dr. Cori Wong is a speaker, writer, educator, and consultant with 15 years of training and leadership experience related to intersectional feminism, anti-racism, social justice, and inclusive culture change. Dr. Wong leads diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts at Colorado State University. She earned a dual-title PhD in Philosophy and Women’s Studies from the Pennsylvania State University and a BA in Philosophy and Religious Studies from Colorado State University.


65 participants, BIPOC and non-BIPOC audience.

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