This program's mission is to bridge the financial wealth gap by utilizing the strengths that already exist within our local BIPOC community to educate, uplift and support people of color in our area. The BIPOC Alliance seeks to dismantle institutional systems designed to subdue our attempts to access financial autonomy that sustain the vast racial wealth disparities. Currently, the net wealth of a typical Black family in America is around one-tenth that of a white family, revealing that no progress has been made in over 70 years*.  

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Our organization has activated the extensive community connections of its members to incorporate and honor diverse experiences and identity intersections where we can be stronger and more successful through collaboration. Empowering existing local talent to share their wealth of knowledge and obtain the support needed allows our community to flourish and build strong local networks to continue to grow and thrive. We believe that closing the financial wealth gap is a key aspect to attaining liberation from systemic inequities. Our program includes scholarships to allow members to apply for an impact-oriented funding stream, as well as a Grass-Root Grant to financially support start-up costs awarded to a Collective-voted “Entrepreneur’s Project”. 

Collectively we will:

  1. Establish a safe space for BIPOC Business community members to foster fellowship, both formal and informal. Use collaborative efforts to enhance the collective welfare.

    • Gather monthly for mixers, networking and peer-led seminars.

    • Gain insight through conscious engagement on shared needs and opportunities for collaboration.

  2. Maintain an environment encouraging members to take ownership in building a foundation for a strong community. 

    • Centering work around equity and true collaboration to break the deep-rooted mental, physical, and institutional barriers rooted in white supremacy.

    • Curate BIPOC talent with specific knowledge in business and finance topics to lead.

    • Compensating BIPOC members for daring to lead and educate the collective.*

  3. Building and investing in an equitable future.

    • Professional education on financial management to include personal and business finance.

    • Professional education on wealth management to include asset building and management as well as retirement planning, life insurance, real estate and stock investing. 

    • Raising awareness on reparation work as essential to thriving BIPOC businesses.

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