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Black History Month - “Your History, Your Dream"

The BIPOC Alliance, in collaboration with The Cultural Enrichment Center and Louise Cutler, a local Fine Artist, developed an annual opportunity for Black-identifying youth to celebrate Black History Month. Together, we will intentionally challenge oppressive beliefs about Black bodies.

Black youth created the “Your History, Your Dream" project in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Dozens of youth attended, where they worked in pairs to create their own visual “I Have A Dream” and what it means to them and their future.

Your History, Your Dream

Each pair of students was given a 6ft piece of canvas where they traced each other's body overlapping using markers. Then, within their body, they created their dream or historical story using paint, stencils, collage, and other materials.

We are creating a space where Black youth can begin their journey towards liberation and dream of a world where they feel secure in their own beautiful skin. Here, all are free to express themselves and explore their identity through the arts in a safe and joyful environment amongst peers.

Foothills Mall graciously donated space for these beautiful dreams to be featured for Fort Collins to enjoy throughout the month of June. Each student will receive a wall-mounted placard describing their dream, recreating elements of a true art exhibition. Opening night will feature an Artist Reception to celebrate the youth's accomplishments with light snacks and beverages. The Artist Reception is an opportunity for the community to uplift and empower Black-identifying youth.

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