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Annual Report

A love note,
Colors of the earth, 
Gratitude blooms in hearts bright, 
Strength in unity.


what we do



We draw power, teachings, and inspiration from our ancestors to guide our way forward.

Weekly Healing Circles

Our stories and experiences hold value, power, and hope.

When we voice our struggles and strengths in community, we heal and empower one another. Any and every emotion is brought to the circle so folks don't have to hold it alone, as pain shared is pain lessened. We hold space for listening and witnessing one another’s pain and lived experiences at Unity in Community, a peer support group, led by others who have “been there.”


Co-hosted 30+ Unity in Community Healing Circles

“I am thankful for a space that feels like home.”

“I have been searching for a community where I feel seen in all of me, past, present, and even my trauma. This community has helped me reconnect with my roots and has guided me in my spiritual awakening. I have learned so much.”


The voices and experiences of BIPOC must be centered in conversations and calls for change at the level of community, institutions, and local government.

Black History Month

Throughout the month of February, community comes together to celebrate Black history and participate in creative workshops for self-expression and self-love. Events serve youth and families of color. Workshops include community art projects, a rap writer's workshop, and more. We extend the celebration starting with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in January. Black history is American History. 


50 families participated in Black History Month events

30 youth participated in Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Day


Joy, self-care, and celebration are integral parts of how we sustain ourselves and practice the liberation we are seeking.

FoCo Juneteenth Weekend Celebration

Celebrate liberation & freedom with dance, music, arts, theatre, health & wellness, vendors, and more:

500+ attendees throughout weekend



See the full report with donation and membership information below.

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