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Long term goals
  •  Public schools intentionally foster the education, inclusion, and well being of children who are Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.

  •  The BIPOC community will have oversight of the reform of Poudre School District policies and practices.

  •  BIPOC children feel safe, welcome, and wanted in public schools.

  •  Public education curriculum will require teaching the history of oppression of BIPOC, their resilience, and their contributions in this country and the world.

  •  Anti-racism work must be intentional and provided from an early age to all children.

  •  The Poudre School District dissolves, or dramatically reforms, the School Resource Officer (SRO) contract, and the changes will be designed and directed by BIPOC youth and families.

There are Poudre School District practices, policies, and curriculum that are detrimental to the development and wellbeing of BIPOC children.

Education should free the mind instead of subjugating it. We believe education should teach the history of oppression of BIPOC, their resilience, and their contributions to this country and the world.


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Long term goals
  •  Black, Indigenous, and People of Color will have a direct hand in shaping all laws and policies, at all levels of government, that impact the lives of BIPOC members of the community.

  •  Elected positions such as Mayor and City Council members, committees, and advisory boards will be held by People of Color.

  •  Laws and policies in Larimer County will be influenced by BIPOC communities. We will provide a clear path for BIPOC to access elected positions.

Centuries of lawmaking in this country has come without the input of, and often explicitly to the detriment of BIPOC communities.

Historically and currently, elected positions like Mayor and City Councils, committees, and advisory boards have predominantly not been held by People of Color. Decisions about our livelihood are made without our input or authority.


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Long term goals
  • Black, Indigenous, and People of Color will unite to ensure our liberation. We will create clearly aligned agendas with issues that intersect and overlap in our communities.

  • Black, Indigenous, and People of Color will be loving, celebrating, and supportive of each other.

  • We will be joyful and in deep community with each other.

  • We will cultivate opportunities to (un)learn our histories, sharpen our skills, and care for each other.

  • We will bring together Latinx and immigrant-led groups and organizations so that we can heal, repair, build trust, and provide mutual support to one another.

  • BIPOC will be equated with beauty.

Western imperialism and racism have made an art of pitting Black Indigenous and Brown communities against each other. Anti-blackness, anti-indigeneity, and colorism is rampant in BIPOC Communities.  Liberation has been sold as separate movements in order to maintain white supremacy. 


Black, Indigenous, and People of Color have often not had time to focus on our own wellbeing while focusing on our survival.

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Long term goals
  •  There will be free, easy access to mental health practices for BIPOC community members that resonate with our cultures, attend to historical trauma, and treat the trauma from racism and discrimination.

  •  Mental health will be rooted in our ancestral practices and aim to maintain or attain liberation.

  •  There will be numerous BIPOC practitioners and providers in Larimer County.

Mental health services are scarce in BIPOC communities, and the services that are available are overwhelmingly Eurocentric, punitive, and misaligned to our culture, our roots, and our ancestry. Black and Brown communities need more ready access to mental health care that resonates with our culture, attends to historical trauma, and treats the trauma from racism and discrimination.

The health care available also need to reflect our historical and ancestral practices.

Long term goals
  • Strengthen the BIPOC community.

  • Diversify and expand the Northern Colorado business market. 

  • Improve full cycle financial understanding in the BIPOC community. 

  • Community advocacy that fosters interconnectedness within the BIPOC community and instills optimism and confidence in our collective future. 

  • Work together to incubate projects that lead to long-term success and sustainability. 

  • Increase access to capital and opportunities with well-informed access to capital through networking, grassroots efforts and  traditional forms of finance. 

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A safe space for BIPOC community members to share their wealth of knowledge and receive the support we all need. In this environment, our community will prosper and build strong local networks to grow and prosper exponentially. We believe that bridging the gap in financial wellness is an important aspect of achieving systematic liberation from injustice.


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