Día de Muertos is a Mexican tradition celebrated across Central and South America that honors the dead with festivals, altars, and family celebrations. The tradition is the perfect example of survival and resiliency as it survived colonization by morphing its indigenous rituals with Catholicism and also adopting some rituals from Africa during periods of slavery, and as a result of the African diaspora.

Dia de Muertos is a beautiful time when those that we lost come to visit us, and we receive them with their favorite foods, candy, and drinks. It's a moment to share with family and friends fond memories of your loved ones and to rejoice in the beautiful memories they left in our hearts. Dia de Muertos is a celebration of life and a reminder of our impermanence.

The celebration in Mexico is done in community at cemeteries and in homes. This year join us at the Día de Muertos Old Town Square Altar and Procession. The altar will include a projection of pictures and memories submitted by community members. If you want to share a picture and memory of a loved one please send it here.

We will also have music, dancers, a hot drink, and a traditional indigenous ceremony to open our beloved celebration. Don't miss the sculpture made by Trace O'Connor and painted with the help of kids from Harris Bilingual Elementary School. Take pictures of the community altar designed by artist Charleen Ramirez-Mares, and enjoy the mariachi band.


Día de Muertos Altar

We will morph the Old Town Square stage to a gigantic altar! If you are interested in submitting memories of your loved ones to be projected at the altar, please fill out this form.

Día de Muertos Procession

  • Date: Friday, October 29th
  • Time: 5:00 pm MT
  • Location: Old Town Square Stage
  • Join us for our first annual Dia de Muertos Procession! It will begin at the Old Town Square Stage with a ceremony at 5:30 PM.
  • Come early to get your face painted.
  • Everyone is encouraged to dress like a Catrina or Catrin, but it is not required.
  • Remember to dress for cold weather.
  • We will feature speakers who will lead us through the joy of community healing and remembrance night of the loved ones we have lost.


5:00 PM - Face Painting and candle distribution.
5:30 PM - Dia de Muertos Ceremony.
6:00 PM - Procession begins and ends at the Old Town Square Stage.
6:30 PM - Speakers, dancers, and more at Old Town Square Stage.
7:00 PM - Community celebration will end with an all-woman Mariachi band.

Escribiendo con nuestros ancestros

  • Date: Friday, October 21st
  • Time: 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM MT
  • Location: Wolverine Farm Press, 316 Willow Street
Unase a nosotros para un taller de escritura de 1 hora con la coordinadora de FCCAN, Shirley Man-Kin Leung, la Fundadora de La Alianza BIPOC, Johanna Ulloa, y el organizador comunitario de Fuerza Latina, Jesús Castro, seguido de una sesión de micrófono abierto.

Durante nuestro taller de escritura con antepasados, vamos a:

  • Discutir los conceptos de antepasados, memoria e imaginación.
  • Explorar la práctica y el proceso de escribir poesía en la intersección del trabajo de antepasados juntos.

*Nota: esta clase se enfoca en la práctica y el proceso de escritura y no es una clase sobre desarrollo espiritual.
Call to participate !

We are calling for people to participate by submitting memories of their loved ones, volunteering to help with the parade, and more. Please submit the form linked below to let us know how you would like to be a part of the Dia de Muertos Community Celebration.

Dia de Muertos Community Celebration Opportunities to Participate Form