About us

Values, Beliefs, Principles

  • We recognize that many Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, individually and in groups, have already been carrying these movements and that many of our struggles are shared. We are committed to working hand in hand with those who have shared values and vision.
  • The voices and experiences of BIPOC must be centered in conversations and calls for change at the level of community, institutions, and local government.
  • Spirituality grounds our practice.
  • Joy, self-care, and celebration are integral parts of how we sustain ourselves and practice the liberation we are seeking.
  • Mindfulness in cross-cultural exchanges establishes accountability to the messenger and maintains integrity within ourselves.
  • We draw power, teachings, and inspiration from our ancestors to guide our way forward.
  • The solutions to our problems can be found by and within the BIPOC community
  • As a community, the Alliance is always evolving, always learning, and paying attention to what is emerging. We will be steadfast in our values, and adapt together as we grow together.
  • BIPOC should be remunerated for their knowledge, efforts, and expertise.
  • Prophetic Practice: Does not mean telling the future; it means naming the truth of the times. (Rev. Angel) We are committed to having the hard conversations and speaking often uncomfortable truths so that we may learn and unlearn together, so that we may heal.
  • We recognize that colorism and anti-blackness exist within our own communities, and this reality must be a part of our conversations if we are committed to justice and liberation


Collectively, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color of Larimer County are taking action to decolonize systems and institutions, redefine our relationship to social movements across the board, and liberate ourselves and our people. We are dedicated to building trusting relationships and a mutual support network between BIPOC led groups and organizations with aligned values.


We, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) have autonomy and power over our own lives and futures. Our collective joy, gifts, stories, and cultural and ancestral practices are the life force that weaves our communities together. We can and will be our whole selves without fear of state-sanctioned and institutionalized violence. White supremacy must be abolished on all fronts.