Collectively, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color Taking action to decolonize systems and institutions, redefine our relationship to the movement, and liberate ourselves and our people.

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About us

We, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC)
have autonomy and power over our own lives and futures.

Our collective joy, gifts, stories, and cultural and ancestral practices are the life force that weaves our communities together. We can and will be our whole selves without fear of state-sanctioned and institutionalized violence. White supremacy must be abolished on all fronts.

Although we realize the importance of spiritual practices, we are not affiliated with any religion.

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Social change is a team effort

Meet us

We are putting our intention and focus in these coming months on bringing our BIPOC communities together. We are in this work for the long haul. We need each other, our liberation is bound together. We are committed to building deep relationships, understanding, and aligned agendas within and across BIPOC communities of Fort Collins. BIPOC healing is currently our priority.

Johanna Ulloa Girón

Founder / La jefa


Andrew Naves